About me

I’m an open source developer who loves art, drawing, photography, designing. I’m working for Koding Inc. which is the new way for developers to work. I was born in İstanbul Istanbul which is the largest historic city of Türkiye. I’m married with Dicle and she is my happiness.

Graduated from İstanbul Kültür University, Computer Engineering. Worked for open source more than ten years. Almost all of my code written during this time was open and free! It’s still same ;)

I’ve developed most of interface related projects of Pardus, always interested with human computer interaction, interface designs etc. Also I’m trying to support KDE which is the master desktop environment of Pardus. You can check-out my projects from projects page.

Most of time I prefer to use open source softwares but now I prefer Mac family. I’m not a strict open source person, I use what I need. But, it’s certain that I will always prefer to be an open source developer.

I draw all time, sometimes it can be great to show at public so I put them to Picasa/drawings page. I put most of my shoots to ratonred.com with some Turkish comments.